Visit of the Minister of MINFOF — Resumption of Schools after Confinement

  • Date & Time:
    • June 1, 2020
  • Venue:

    Campus of NFS Mbalmayo

Ensuring activities have resumed while following the strict measures that the government have put in place to ensure the spread of the Corona Virus is stopped in Cameroon, the Minister of MINFOF Visits the National Forestry School, Mbalmayo.

At the time when the whole world came to a stand still because it has been hit with a strange and deadly virus which no one knew its cure, Cameroon was no exception to this pandemic which took everyone by surprise and brought all activities both economic, political and educational in the world to a halt.

The National Forestry school was no exception then .when the Government ordered the shot down of national activities including schools as a measure to protect its citizens from being exterminated by these strange virus.


One never injured multi-marathoner’s stride was so smooth, she ran like an insect over water. Weight was not a factor, with heavy runners among the light-footed and lighter runners among the stompers.

Francesca Stoppard The Darvin B. Xander Associate Curator of Prints

Following Government instructions, schools resumed on the 1st of June and all authorities  where to ensure that Government’s strict measure against the spread of the corona virus were respect by all.

The Minister of Forestry and Wildlife visited the campus of the National Forestry School in other to ensure that classes and training have resumed and that Government measures are strictly being respected. His visit brought reassurance to the hearts and spirits of the both the staff and students of the National Forestry school .


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2020-6-1 2020-6-1 Pacific/Midway Visit of the Minister of MINFOF — Resumption of Schools after Confinement The school PTFA would like to invite you to enjoy an evening of Pasta and Prosecco in November. Campus of NFS Mbalmayo
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