We consider each applicant to the National Forestry School (NFS) as a whole person, and put enormous care into evaluating every application.

Admission in to the National Forestry School (NFS) is done only through a competitive exams organised by the Ministry Of Forestry and Wild Life for initial training and through files study for specialization training and free auditors from decentralized local authorities of private companies. Initial training is done over a period of 2 years. There are only two examination centers in Garoua and Yaounde.

The National Forestry School (NFS) is also open to young foreigners through the diplomatic representations present in Cameroon.

Once the list of new recruits is official, they can get closer to the Study and School Department for more information. Regarding the study methods and other information.

The Admission Timeline
Prospective candidates should wait for the announcement of the upcoming competitive entrance exams in to NFS which is done each year by the Minister of NINFOF.
All applicants are will be required to compile a list of documents as will be stipulated my the Minister of MINFOF according to their their respective field of study.
Written Examination
All duly registered candidates must take part in the written session of the examination organized by the Minister of MINFOF
Admissible Result
Few months after the written competitive examinations organized by the Minister of MINFOF, an admissible result list of all successful candidates will be published.
During the admission review process, admissible candidates whose names are on the admissible result list will be called up for an Oral interview in the campus of NFS Mbalmayo
Final Results
A list of all successful candidates will be published after the Orals have been conducted and successful candidates will be eligible to start their training at the NFS
Studying at Smart
Assistant Forestry Technician Cycle
  • Be a Forestry Technical Assistant (ATAEF) or agricultural technical assistant (ATAA) with at least two (2) years professional experience.
  • Be at most 45 years on the date of the examination.
Forestry Technician Cycle;
  • Be a holder of an Assistant Forestry Technician certificate (ATEF) or an Agriculture Technicians Certificate (ATA) or an equivalent certificate with at least two (2) years professional experience.
  • Be at most 50 years on the date of the examination.
Senior Forestry Technician Cycle
  • Be a holder of a Forestry Technician’s certificate (TEF) or Agriculture technician‘s certificate (TA) with at least two (2) years professional experience.
  • Be at most 50 years on the date of the examinations.
Foreign candidates

(2) Foreign candidates not resident in Cameroon and who fulfill the above conditions (qualification and age) may be admitted upon examining the files they would have forwarded to the Minister of Forestry and Wildlife through their respective embassies or diplomatic missions in Cameroon. They should specify the source of funding to cover their expenses in Cameroon (State, public or private organization, NGO, Family, or other sources)

Ask Admissions staff all your questions

For the International Applicants
Britney M.A. Thompson
For the Transfer Applicants
Liam Kurt Rowling