NFS’s administration is responsible for the strategic vision of the School.

By Presidential decree, NFS has a Director and a Sub-Director —the Director and Sub-Director of NFS and the Head of studies and training (Chef SES). The basic architecture of the institutional system is defined by the Texts From the Ministry Of Forestry and Wildlife, which is reflected in a series of documents dating back in the 70’s. Through their complementary efforts, the Directors and Head of studies and training  perform the essential roles ordinarily associated with a board of trustees, while helping to shape the School’s agenda, inquiring into the quality and progress of its activities, and assuring that NFS remains true to its mission.

ENEF director
Mr Mbock Germain
Mr Mbock Germain is the 18th Director of the National Forestry School, and hi is also an officer of the paramilitary corps of the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife . His Directorial term began in 2017
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mesumbe walters
Deputy Director
Mr. Mbong Walter Mesumbe
Mr. Mbong Walter Mesumbe, was appointed as the Deputy Director of NFS Mbalmayo in 2017 by appointed by the Prime minister. He is a pedagogic administrator, Educator and a peace and development expert.
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