About NFS

Professionalism is today one of the concepts on which sustainable development is forged. The National School of Water and Forests of Cameroon located in the forest area of ​​the town of mbalmayo, central region, is a technical and professional training institution in the forestry sector. For nearly 7 (seven) decades, it has trained around 250 forest managers per year

About Enef

Created on July 19, 1949 under the name of Center d’Appendance Forestier, it underwent many nominal modifications until 1980 when it definitively displayed its current name École Nationale des Eaux et Forêts, following Presidential Decree No. 80/196 of 9 June 1980 reorganizing the status of training schools for rural production staff.

Its new training offer, validated since April 2015, diversifies training opportunities by focusing on the trades. Thus, the ENEF now offers initial technical training, specialization training, and higher initial training; to which are added continuing education.

Following an evolution that aims to meet current expectations and concerns, the ENEF has through its many partners and cooperations infrastructure and educational support material that allow it not only to strengthen the practical knowledge transmitted to its learners, but also the recycling of teaching methods and trainers’ knowledge.

Its five-year strategic development plan 2015/2020 implemented since March 2015, clearly specifies the new vision of the ENEF which is to make available to the administration, development partners, private structures, highly qualified personnel and competitive capable of meeting their human resource needs. All this through revisions of the training programs which take into account the concepts of sustainable development, the improvement of the technical platform, the promotion of research and the quest for performance.

Thus, with a vision based on the fact that achieving the objective of a Cameroon emerging by 2035 is dependent on a new economy, the National School of Waters and Forests is constantly seeking to Raise to the rank of a benchmark school anxious to put on the job market, forest elites, creative, competitive and capable of opening up to scientific and technical innovation. The opportunity is therefore given to all Africans regardless of sex wishing to work in the forestry sector. The training offered is designed with the mission of focusing on professions compatible with the requirements of the green economy

The Director

Christopher Kane is the 23rd president of Smart University, and the Chris Argyris Professor of Politology. His presidential term began in July 2013.

Prior to becoming president, Kane served as the provost of Smart University from 2008 to 2013. As provost, Kane facilitated strategic planning and initiatives such as: enhancing career development and mentoring opportunities for all Smart faculty members; promoting faculty diversity; creating the Office of Academic Integrity; establishing the University-wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct; developing the East Campus; and overseeing the University’s budget during the global financial crisis.

ENEF director

Located within the Mbalmayo Forest Reserve, Center region, the National Forestry School is a technical and professional training institution in the field of forestry and has as vision to improve and conservation of forests and wildlife using modern and advance technologies and qualified Foresters and environmentalists.

Created on July 19, 1949, under the name of Forest Learning Center (CAF), after several intermediate phases, the acronym of the National School of Forestry dates from June 09, 1980

  • Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment
  • Faculty of Science and Technology
  • Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Smart Business School
  • Smart Law School
  • Smart School of Media, Arts and Design

The institution is located at Oyack,Mbalmayo, Center region, Cameroon

Admission in the the National Forestry School is done only through a Competitive Entrance Exams organized by the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife

Private yet affordable elementary school offering a stimulating curriculum and a supportive environment.

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